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  • What is the solvent? Do you have any solvent-type inks?
    The main solvent in DryCure Au-J and Ag-J is water. Non-polar solvents cannot be used.
  • Does C-INK manufacture solvent-based nano ink?
    Currently, we do not manufacture solvent-based nano ink.
  • Does C-INK's nano ink come in metals other than gold and silver?
    C-INK currently does not manufacture nano inks made of copper Cu, nickel Ni, platinum Pt, etc.
  • Are inkjet inks and screen printing pastes available?
    C-INK nanoink is optimized for inkjet printing. For inkjets, please use DryCure Au-J and Ag-J. We can provide inks for all types of inkjet heads. If adhesion to substrates such as untreated PET, glass, and glass epoxy is required, please use DryCure Ag-JB, a binder additive grade. The DryCure series cannot be used for screen printing as the viscosity is a few millipascals. In regards to ink selection, we will propose the most suitable ink based on your equipment configuration, etc., so please do not hesitate to contact us about your requirements.
  • What kind of board can it be used for?
    Resin films such as PET and glass substrates can be used. When printing on commercially available easy-to-adhere PET film, strong adhesion can be obtained by heating the film to 120°C for about 10 minutes after drying. For resin substrates, first try heating after printing. We have confirmed adhesion to various resin substrates such as polyimide with thermoplastic layers, liquid crystal polymer film, ETFE etc. For substrates where adhesion is not normally possible, binder-added grades (DryCure Ag-JB) can be used.
  • What are the precautions when handling ink?
    C-INK's nano ink aggregates and precipitates when salts are mixed. When using, use clean utensils and containers free of salt. In addition, please use up the ink filled in the cartridge or tank in about two weeks after filling. The filled ink is in constant contact with air, slowly oxidizing the nanoparticles. Oxidized nanoparticles can cause nozzle clogging. If you do not use the nano ink continuously, clean the channels and heads with cleaning liquid to remove the ink from the printer.
  • What precautions should be taken for ink storage?
    Please store the ink in a refrigerator. All DryCure series inks are insoluble in solvents once dried. When the ink is stored in a container that has expanded with gas, the solvent repeatedly evaporates and condenses in this space, causing dry metal solids to gradually precipitate out in the process. To prevent this, please remove as much air as possible from the container before storing to minimize contact with oxygen, preventing the ink both from drying and deterioration due to oxidation. (Deterioration due to oxidation can occur with DryCure Ag.) The DryCure series will also experience agglomeration upon contact with salts. Please use clean containers that do not contain salts for both storage and use.
  • Are SDS available for download?
    SDS can be downloaded from our Various Data page.
  • How should I choose the ink part number?
    For C-INK nano ink part numbers, please see the PDF below. We will help you select ink according to your application, equipment, and substrate. Feel free to consult.
  • Do samples and mass-produced products have the same quality?
    Yes, please rest assured that the quality is the same.
  • Can you customize the ink for our equipment?
    Certainly. Please feel free to contact us about this.
  • How to purchase C-INK Nano Ink?
    Select "Purchase Inquiry" in the form and Inquiry please.
  • What is the minimum sales volume of nanoink?
    The minimum sales amount is as follows. ・Gold nano ink (DryCure Au-J, JB) Gold solid content 3g (concentration 10wt%; ink volume approx. 27mL) ・Silver nano ink (DryCure Ag-J, JB) Silver solid content 10g (10wt%; about 90mL, 20wt%; about 40mL)
  • Will the coating re-dissolve after drying?
    Once dried, DryCure is insoluble in water and other solvents. This property can be used to apply multiple coats of ink.
  • How should OniCoat be stored?
    Store in a place with a room temperature of 40°C or less, out of direct sunlight, and tightly sealed.
  • Are OniCoat samples and mass produced products of the same quality?
    Same quality.
  • Can I download OniCoat product documentation from your website?
    OniCoat SDS can be downloaded from various data.
  • How to buy OniCoat?
    Select "Purchase Inquiry" in the form and Inquiry please.
  • What is the minimum sales volume for OniCoat?
    The minimum sales volume of OniCoat is 100g (approximately 65mL) for the coating agent and 200g (approximately 130mL) for the cleaning solution.
  • Where is C-INK located?
    C-INK Co., Ltd. is located in an industrial park called "Techno Park Soja" in Soja City, Okayama Prefecture. Soja City Homepage (
  • Can C-INK products be used outside of Japan?
    It depends on the country whether it complies with the regulations and whether it can be exported. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please fill out the formPlease contact us from Others
  • Could you please explain about nano ink products?
    C-INK accepts product explanations via web meetings. Please feel free to make a request using the Contact form.
  • Can I consult with you about product development/research and development using nano ink?
    C-INK accepts consultations regarding product development, etc. through web meetings. If necessary, we will sign a confidentiality agreement before the meeting.Please feel free to make a request using the contact form.
  • Can you tell me how to use nano ink?
    Inquiry form From "About nano ink", please see how to use nano ink. Please feel free to ask us any questions. If you have any problems or concerns after actually using Nano Ink, please feel free to contact C-INK.
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