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Various Data

Using DryCure Ag-JB 0420D as an example, here is how to read the model number.


Ag This indicates the metal type. Gold and silver are available.

JB  J is the binder-free grade, and JB is the binder-containing grade.

0420  The first two digits “04” indicate the ink viscosity, which in this model number is 4 mPa-s. “10” indicates 10 mPa-s. The last two digits “20” refer to the percentage of solids by weight.

It is possible to customize aspects such as surface tension, viscosity, and concentration of metal solids. Please contact us for details.


NEW! Inkjet silver nano ink (inkjet ejection stabilized product): DryCure Ag-J

Inkjetting stabilized ink jointly developed with an inkjet head manufacturer.

Gold nano ink for inkjet (without binder): DryCure Au-J

Inkjet silver nano ink (without binder): DryCure Ag-J

Inkjet silver nano ink (containing binder): DryCure Ag-JB

DryCure Ag-JB 1020C

​ (dryness suppression grade)

Cleaning liquid for DryCure J-series

Cleaning fluid is a clear, colorless liquid that does not contain metallic nanoparticle components. Please use it for cleaning inside inkjet equipment.

Moisture-proof coating agent OniCoat


​ The resin concentration is higher toward the right, and it is a grade that suppresses dryness.

Cleaning liquid for OniCoat

​*OC-010Aw is for OC-01108A, OC-010Cw is for OC-01120C and OC-01130C.

*OniCoat cleaning liquid can be used as a diluent for moisture-proof coating agents.




This is a technical data sheet for discharge stabilization grade "DryCure Ag-JB 0420D".


​ *Please use this pattern when replacing the ink and cleaning solution.

​Technical data sheet for jetting stabilization ink DryCure Ag-JBis.

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