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Moisture-proof coat

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Fluorine-based moisture-proof coat

For waterproofing, moisture-proofing, and migration prevention of circuit boards and electronic components

* C-INK has stopped selling OC-01108A and OCW-A. September, 2022~

OniCoat is a fluorine-based insulating protective coating agent.

C-INK silver nano ink coatings require laminating or coating because silver, which is easy to migrate, is exposed on the surface.
Onicoat, which has excellent insulation properties, can be used to protect the C-INK silver nanoink coating film and to prevent waterproofing, moisture proofing, and migration of other circuit boards and electronic components.



High performance even with thin films

OniCoat is a fluorine-based coating agent with excellent moisture-proof effect.



Short takt time

After application, the coating is completed in a short time.
No heating required.

* C-INK has stopped selling OC-01108A and OCW-A.



Non-flammable and highly safe

Uses a nonflammable and safe fluorinated solvent.
-Because of its low odor and low toxicity, it is possible to consider the health of workers.
-Because it is not flammable, no explosion-proof equipment is required.
-Since it is a non-flammable liquid and is not treated as dangerous goods, transportation costs can be reduced.

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