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​ Mass production record No. 1 conductive nano ink in Japan

the 2nd equity investment crowdfunding challenge
January 25th (Thursday) 19:30~
Pre-released on the website
Factory Innovation Week 2024
January 24 (WED) - 26 (FRI)
Tokyo Big Sight, Japan (Our booth No. W63-23)
C-INK's page
     September, 2022
 DryCure Ag-JB 0420D was evaluated for dispensing.
(FUJIFILM dimatix DMP2850, Samba cartridge)

C-INK's conductive nano ink has
the following excellent features.

​ As an alternative to silver paste,

it is possible to reduce the amount of silver used.

Extremely stable inkjet fine line printing is possible

High ink stability while low temperature sintering is possible

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