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Equipment introduction

Transmission electron microscope

This transmission electron microscope (TEM) has a resolution of 2.04 Å (0.204 nm) and a magnification of 700 to 200,000 times. At C-INK, we use the electron microscope to observe the shape and particle size of nanoparticles we synthesize in-house.

Electron microscope image of metal nanoparticles synthesized for research purposes.

Based on the captured image, the size of the nanoparticles can also be measured on the PC screen (image on the right side of the screen).

Dynamic light scattering particle size distribution analyzer

This device can easily measure the particle size distribution of nanoparticles dispersed in liquid. Particles dispersed in liquid are irradiated with a laser beam of a certain frequency, and the particle size distribution is obtained from the frequency intensity distribution of the scattered light obtained. Simply fill a glass cell with the sample liquid and set it up, and the particle size distribution can be obtained within a few minutes of starting the measurement.

M nanoparticle_LB550 measurement result.png

Example of particle size distribution measurement for research samples

The results show that the average particle size of the nanoparticles in the sample is 60 nm, with a particle size distribution ranging from 15 to 150 nm.

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